Top 5 photography locations in Sa Pa

If you plan to travel to Sa Pa on the Independence Day holiday on September 2, don’t forget to visit these beautiful places in the town to take the best photos.

Infinity Garden

Located about 5km from the town center, Infinity Garden, planned on an area of over 30,000 sq.m, is a new tourist destination attracting hundreds of visitors every day. It takes only 15 minutes to travel by electric car from Sa Pa Town center to the garden. Dozens of beautiful shooting angles are waiting for you here.

 The Infinity Garden. Photo: Q.Lien

From the Infinity Garden, visitors can admire the endless beauty of nature, white clouds hovering over Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, and look further down to Muong Hoa Valley covered with yellow ripening rice. When the sun goes down, clouds turn from white to magically pink, making the scene more charming. The garden has an area where tourists can try on costumes from historical dramas and take photos. There is a garden with flowers blooming all year round, a cactus garden, a display area of ​​national cultural products, and an infinity swimming pool.

Some tourists capture the beauty of the sunset here.

Tourists in the garden are served various drinks and French-style fast food in a luxurious space and enjoy beautiful views. However, the entrance fee is quite high (VND200,000) per person so you need to take a lot of photos here.

View from the Infinity Garden.

Ancient Stone Church

Not only Fansipan mountain but the stone church is also considered a symbol of Sa Pa Town. Almost everyone who comes to Sa Pa wants to take photos here. Designed and constructed by the French people in 1895, the church is now nearly 130 years old with European architecture. Whether you are taking pictures in the daytime or at night, whether it's sunny in the summer or snowy in the winter, Stone Church is always the best place for photography hunters.

Source: Internet

Ms. Meyer Lia, 27 years old from Germany, came to know Sa Pa thanks to a tour guide. She said: “I have not fully experienced the town, but Sa Pa has given me unforgettable first impressions of the natural landscape and people. I give 8/10 points for Sa Pa".

Swing Sa Pa

Located about 500m from the town center near KK Sa Pa Hotel, Swing Sapa is a complex of hotels and coffee gardens. Swing Sapa attracts visitors with new romantic photography corners such as a piano placed in the middle of mountains and forests.

A lot of foreign tourists have chosen Swing Sapa as a scenic spot and take pictures to save beautiful moments of clouds and mountains.

Ripening rice fields

When the northwestern region enters the ripening rice season in September and October, the whole town of Sa Pa is brightened with yellow. Terraced fields in Sa Pa are one of the ideal destinations for photography and sightseeing. The brilliant golden fields surrounded by mountains look like a natural picture touching tourists.

Terraced fields at Den Village.

To take beautiful photos with terraced fields at this time, you should go to Den Village, Muong Hoa Valley, and Ta Phin Village. The pleasant weather of autumn which is sunny, dry, and a bit chilly allows you to spend the whole day outdoors exploring the golden rice fields without being too tired.

Fansipan Peak

If you come to Sa Pa for the first time, try to conquer Fansipan. This is the highest mountain in Vietnam, also known as the roof of Indochina. altitudes up to 3,143 meters above sea level. Because the peak is quite high, the climate is also very harsh, this is also a place with frequent ice and snow.

View from the Fansipan mountain.

On sunny days, you can observe the surprisingly beautiful panorama of Sa Pa. On cloudy days with fading visibility, you will see mountains, forests, and a Buddha statue disappearing and appearing suddenly in the fog.

Fansipan is very attractive to foreign tourists.

Mr. J.Ron, 59 years old, another tourist from Sweden, came to know Sa Pa through an advertising program. “The Fansipan mountain scenery here is majestic, beyond my expectations. The weather is a bit unpredictable, but due to the high terrain, I couldn't expect more. Fansipan will be the last mountain I conquer in my life,” he said.

If you are free on this national holiday, you should visit all these Sa Pa tourist attractions. There are many other attractive destinations, but we believe that these places will give you an impression of a memorable town./.

Words, photos: Q.Lien