The ASEAN Special Ministerial Meeting on Drug Matters 30 August 2012, Bangkok, Thailand

1 The ASEAN Special Ministerial Meeting on Drug Matters 30 August 2012, Bangkok, Thailand Chairman’s Statement 1. The ASEAN Special Ministerial Meeting on Drugs was held on 31 August 2012 in Bangkok.

The Meeting was hosted by Thailand and was attended by ASEAN Ministers in charge of anti-narcotics matters and Heads of National Bureaus for Drugs. The Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN Political Security Community Department was also in attendance. 2 The Ministers shared the efforts and achievements obtained in their respective countries and made tactical recommendations in response to the prevailing challenges being encountered. 3. The Meeting also took note of the Mid-term Review on the Implementation of ASOD Work Plan and the Executive Summary prepared by Indonesia and encouraged the forthcoming 33rd ASOD Meeting to deliberate in detail so as to adequately and effectively address the identified challenges in realizing the regional goal. 4. The Meeting expressed concern about the continuing threat of illicit production, trafficking, and abuse of drugs and recommended the following: - to consider interception of illicit drug trafficking as a priority in order to address the drug smuggling across the borders; - to continue enhanced and consolidated regional efforts in addressing the precursor chemicals control; demand reduction through sharing best practices and education and public awareness programmes targeting the youth and Rehabilitation Programme; supply reduction measures, such as law enforcement and inter-agency cooperation and Alternative Development; - to work on the effective cooperation amongst relevant Sectoral Bodies under the APSC and ASCC Communities ; 5. The Meeting encouraged ASOD to review their operational mechanism with a view to effectively implementing their delegated responsibilities. 6. The Meeting also urged the development of cross-border investigation and cooperative programmes under the framework of MPAC. 7. The Meeting unanimously agreed that all ASEAN Member States must continue to work towards the realization of ASEAN Drug-Free by 2015. 8. The Meeting was held in the traditional spirit of ASEAN solidarity and cordiality.