Ngo Thuy Anh – Founder of startup projects for the community

CEO Ngo Thuy Anh was born in 1994. In her scholastic career, she became Vice President of the Asian Law Students’ Association, was among the top 5 students at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam and completed an MBA in 2017 at Adelphi University.

Having studied and completed internships in the New York Metro Area, she had the opportunity to join major financial institutions on Wall Street. Instead, Thuy Anh chose to return to Vietnam to found social enterprises with the desire to contribute to her country’s development and serve the disadvantaged in Vietnamese society.

CEO Ngo Thuy Anh sharing the importance of Social impacts startups in a Forum on innovation

To achieve that goal, Thuy Anh founded and operates 3 start ups, each aimed at a critical social problem.

ALIGO Kids – a platform that teaches skills and child sexual abuse prevention through interactive cartoons, was established in 2017. In collaboration with Thuy Anh's, Kimberly King - a leading expert in the US and also the author of the world's best-selling book on child abuse prevention, has accompanied and joined her in developing the content. To date, ALIGO Kids has supported more than 70,000 children and families to improve their knowledge of self-protection skills in face of dangerous situations.

Aligo Kids in a communication and capacity building event on child abuse prevention.

From that foundation, the second start-up, ALIGO Media, continues its mission with products that have positive impacts on society. Animated films on prevention of gender-based violence for ethnic minority women, education on waste treatment behavior, electronic textbooks, family connection technology, etc., have been produced in cooperation with VIETTEL, HONDA, Education Publishing House, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, and domestic and international NGOs…

Team Aligo Media và Aligo Kids. 

The road to the technology / application project for the elderly - HASU

During her mission with Aligo Kids and Aligo Media, Thuy Anh has come into contact with many families and realized one reality: while children have too many choices and advantages in the new age, a section of the population in the society suffers many disadvantages and has been lagging in the 4.0 revolution is the elderly. While the percentage of the aged population worldwide is increasing significantly, the development of products and services specifically for the elderly is very limited - especially in the technology industry. Unable to wait any longer, in 2019, Thuy Anh and her associates developed and distributed free smartphone instruction activities for hundreds of clubs for the elderly and created toolkits and instruction books for the attendees.

A training session on information technology for the elderly organized by HASU.

The comprehensive care application - HASU, specifically for the elderly was developed in 2020 during a particularly difficult time when the COVID pandemic began. At that time, the elderly, already facing many difficulties in life, and especially vulnerable to the pandemic, were "left behind" with barriers in technology and communication. HASU - the Start-up name reflecting the meaning and story of the core value of a "lotus flower", has become a pioneering technology platform within Vietnam aimed at meeting the needs of the elderly, taking care not only of their physical health, but also improving their mental health and their social relationships.

Ngo Thuy Anh sharing her dream of fulfilling the quality of life for the elderly.

12,000 elderly people have used the HASU application to exercise, entertain and connect during the Covid 19 pandemic, helping them to be more mentally stable, improve their physical health, and better enjoy their lives.

Hasu technology solutions for the elderly have been recognized, praised and recommended by the elderly and their families, investors and both domestic and international organizations. The application has won awards in startup competitions such as: First Prize in Youth Co:lab 2020 Social Impact Contest, Top 3 Entrepreneurship World Cup (National round), Top 10 Entrepreneurship Asian Cup; Top 10 National Innovation Competition Techfest 2020, Top 10 Community Entrepreneurs Blue Venture Award 2020…    

Along with the popularity of the internet and smartphones, Hasu wishes to become a companion and an indispensable assistant in the lives of the elderly not only in Vietnam but all over the world, helping them to live a healthier and more loving life every moment so that  old age is no longer an obstacle to a healthy and fulfilling life./.