Foggy town resplendent at night

Sa Pa not only allures tourists in the daytime with the beauty of its mountains, clouds, rice terraces or Fansipan Peak. When the sun goes down, the fanciful town in fog turns resplendent.

Sa Pa at night impresses visitors with its resplendence and bustle. Whether it's raining or not, you should not miss Sa Pa’s attractive nightlife spots. Tourists can experience green tourism by taking electric cars to travel around the town center and visit destinations like Muong Hoa Valley, Den Village, and Infinity Garden.

Sa Pa in the rain is still shimmering at night. Photo Q.Lien

The most crowded place in Sa Pa at night is definitely the town center’s square with a stadium where art performances usually take place. The square is also where you can find a nearly 130-year-old Stone Church, or a pedestrian street named Cau May or known as West Street. Cultural and tourism events of Lao Cai Province and Sa Pa Town such as the Northwest Quintessence Festival, Khau Vai Love Market, and travel photo exhibitions are organized at the square. Local young men and women wear traditional ethnic costumes and perform dances and trumpets of ethnic minorities living in Sa Pa.

Rain does not stop tourists from exploring Sa Pa at night. Photo Q.Lien

The square is not only crowded at the weekends. During weekdays, souvenirs and local products are still sold. There are lots of fun activities of young local people. In front of Stone Church are typical old mossy villas. The European-style church was designed and constructed in 1895 by the French. The night electric lights make the mysterious beauty of the church more prominent and attractive. This is one of the construction works in the northwestern mountainous area that still keeps quite intact the ancient French architecture.

If you want to try local cuisine, take a walk along Cau May pedestrian street where you can find a wide range of hotels and restaurants with relatively high costs, especially on weekends. Walking along the pedestrian street, you will see on the sidewalk many stalls selling specialties such as pastries and hot chestnuts. On cold days, let’s try sipping a piece of chestnut cake that has just been fried on the stove.

A stall of hot chestnuts on the sidewalk is where these young people shelter from the rain. Photo Q.Lien

Walking along narrow streets, you will easily notice that Sa Pa has countless massage parlors. It is such a pleasant feeling that after a day of traveling, a foot massage or full body massage helps you relax. You can also take a traditional medicinal leaf bath of Red Dao ethnic people for only from VND130,000 each person.

Ms. Meyer Lia, 27 years old from Germany, came to know Sa Pa thanks to a tour guide. She said: “I have not fully experienced the town, but Sa Pa has given me unforgettable first impressions of the natural landscape and people. I give 8/10 points for Sa Pa".

A corner of West Street in Sa Pa. Photo Q.Lien

Mr. J.Ron, 59 years old, another tourist from Sweden, came to know Sa Pa through an advertising program. “The Fansipan mountain scenery here is majestic, beyond my expectations. The weather is a bit unpredictable, but due to the high terrain, I couldn't expect more. Fansipan will be the last mountain I conquer in my life”, he said.

Sa Pa Night Market is another bustling spot. It is more bustling at the weekends with unique stalls selling a variety of items of Mong and Red Dao ethnic people. The most impressive corner at the market is the smoky food court offering both popular and luxurious dishes such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, bamboo-tube rice, salmon, dried buffalo meat, apple cider wine, pork, and forest chickens.

Sapa is definitely a tourist destination that will offer you an unforgettable experience in both daytime and night time such as unique dishes of ethnic groups, unpredictable weather, or fancy souvenirs. All will bring you a memorable trip to the highlands./.