Cloud image hunting in Khanh Son

Not only should we go to Ta Xua (Son La), Thien Phuc Duc hill (Da Lat) or Thoi Loi peak (Ly Son - Quang Ngai) where we can hunt cloud images, but we can also have the cloud-capped mountain in Khanh Son district (Khanh Hoa) to be an ideal location for capturing cloud pictures.

The sea of ​​clouds in Khanh Son does not only represent itself once a day like it does in Da Lat or Ta Xua, but often appears several times during the period from 7am to 9am. (Photo: Khanh Hoa Newspaper)

The most beautiful place to hunt cloud pictures is in Khanh Son, Ba Cum Nam commune. This place is about 100km from Nha Trang city to the southwest. With an altitude of over 600m above the sea level, the clouds here are white and spongy, drifting along the mountainside, hovering on the rooftops, weaving into the orchards.

According to local people, the most suitable time to hunt for clouds is from 5:30 am - 9 am. At this time, colonies of clouds drift through the green valleys of the mountainous district of Khanh Son; sometimes hovering over the valley which is studded with beautiful little houses at the foot of the hill.

It must be commented that Khanh Son is a mountainous district to be favored by nature for its wild beauty, primeval forests, and beautiful winding and curving roads. While the road is quite flat and wide, surrounded by lush green trees. It is quite safe to stop by the road and watch the clouds without being obstructed by the car going up or down the pass.

The sea of ​​clouds in Khanh Son does not only represent itself once a day like it does in Da Lat or Ta Xua, but often appears many times during 7:00 - 9am. Therefore, some people quote a simile to compare the clouds in Khanh Son as a reserve even for people who often oversleep.

In recent years, cloud image hunting in Khanh Son is considered a unique tourism product attracting domestic and foreign tourists to Nha Trang. Around 5 am, To Hap town (Khanh Son) is quite crowded with tourists walking along the concrete roads to Ba Cum Nam commune. At first, the clouds are seen in the distance, seemingly unreachable. But then, massive clouds drift by, gradually approaching the place where the photographers and cloud watchers are standing. At this time, the surrounding space is embedded by a cool air from the misty clouds.

When the sun turns up, the clouds also fade away, hovering in the middle of the green mountain space. The first sunbeam of the day seems to create a convergence force, pulling the clouds down into the valley, creating a space of white clouds floating fancifully. At this time, the clouds embrace the hills and the lush green forests. In that space, the clouds drift along the mountainside, hovering on the roofs of houses, wrapping the orchards.

Khanh Son is also the homeland of the Raglai ethnic group with cultural features of the Central Highlands such as gongs, steelpans, and Chapi music instruments. Therefore, the culture of the indigenous people here is still quite primitive, the people are sincere and hospitable. They are willing to let guests sleep over night and offer meals to visitors, it's a joy for them … so people compare Khanh Son as a tourist beauty spot without make-up.

Upon arrival in Khanh Son, in addition to hunting the clouds, visitors can also enjoy the tastes of durian, rambutan and apple. Currently, the population here is still sparse, most of them are ethnic people, with a few Kinh people making a living.

The best time to visit Khanh Son is in the middle of the year, when it is easy to hunt clouds and have a bath in waterfalls. (Photo: ivivu)

According to Khanh Son district leader: In recent years, the number of visitors to Khanh Son has increased rapidly. Recently, the locality held the Khanh Son Fruit Festival, attracting thousands of visitors. Especially, the cloud hunting event in Khanh Son attracts many tourists to experience and explore. Tourism development also entails many accompanying services, generating income and improving the lives of local people.

The best time to visit Khanh Son is in the middle of the year, when it is easy to hunt clouds and have a bath in waterfalls. This is also the ripe fruit season, with mangosteen, grapefruit, rambutan, and especially durian. However, Khanh Son is not always cloudy, often with heavy rain in the afternoon, then the chance of a cloud sea will be very high next morning.

Therefore, professional backpackers recommend relying on the weather to have the most standard cloud hunting schedule. To stay healthy, it is necessary to prepare a very warm shirt, lightweight shoes to move down the hillside easily and safely.

We have more tips for cloud hunters who are preparing for a trip to Nha Trang: apart from Khanh Son, Suoi Ngo Pagoda is also considered an ideal place to hunt clouds in the coastal city of Nha Trang. Looking down from the pagoda, during the day, the rice fields appear green, during sunrise and sunset, the clouds seem to "embrace" the city.

Suoi Ngo Pagoda is always open to visitors and free of charge. The road to the pagoda has been newly rebuilt, quite easy for traffic and motorbike could be convenient. However, due to the winding road, there are many steep slopes, so the steering wheel must be held very firmly.

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