Cloud Bridge, The love-connecting bridge

Sa Pa always has its way to attract tourists. Visitors to this land should not miss Cloud Bridge – the bridge that has fascinated people from all over the world.

Cloud Bridge has become a familiar name as many restaurants, hotels and even a street in Sa Pa are named after it. The bridge attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists every year so you should definitely include it in your bucket list.

Located about 17 km to the southeast of Sa Pa town, Cloud Bridge is in Giang Ta Chai village, Ta Van commune, Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province. Although Cloud Bridge is not the only route connecting Ta Van commune and the center of Sa Pa town, it’s a favorite spot of those who love adventure on the way to Ta Van village.

Cloud Bridge is considered the breath of Giang Ta Chai’s people. It has a pristine, mysterious, dreamlike beauty look, just like the soul of the land of fog. A lot of restaurants, hotels and a street in Sa Pa are named after it.

Cloud Bridge in Ta Van commune, Lao Cai province.

People assumed the bridge is called ‘May’ as it is surrounded by layers of clouds in the early morning, and clouds are called ‘May’. However, locals explain that the bridge is made of solidly-connected rattan ropes, which is also called ‘May’. This material can be found in most household items of locals living in the northwestern mountains. The floor of the bridge is made of wooden planks which are about 20cm from each other. Cloud Bridge - Ta Van stands out as a highlight spot in the middle of majestic forest.

Visiting Cloud Bridge, you will admire the beauty of the wooden bridge embraced in the gentleness of the mountains. On cold days, the bridge is covered by mist, creating a rare mystical scene, just like a fairyland. On the last days of autumn, visitors will be able to see sunray through the mist and feel the wind blowing through their hair.

Cloud Bridge with its fascinating architecture.

There are lots of interesting experiences waiting for you once you visit Cloud Bride. Although the bridge is sturdy, crossing it can be a real unforgettable experience for visitors because one step of this bridge is 20 cm away from the other, and due to tourist movement, the bridge can shake slightly and looking down from the bridge may give the dazzled feeling. Early morning when fog is still around is the best time to come here and you will feel like being lost in the West.

After crossing the bridge, visitors can follow the trail to reach a beautiful, poetic and majestic waterfall called Giang Ta Chai. Looking at the bridge from the stream below, visitors will feel the serenity of the highland village.

Visitors should come to the bridge early in the morning when fog is still around. The scene around the bridge is foggy and blurry like a morning in Western European countries, below is the floating Muong Hoa stream. The most picky tourists will be touched by this scenery.

As one of Sa Pa’s popular places, Cloud Bridge attracts not only tourists but also many couples to take wedding photos.

Tourists love coming here to admire the beautiful scenery and experience setting foot on the intertwined clouds. It’s a thrilling experience to step on the ‘clouds’ and look far away down to the valley, just like you're in an action movie.

You no longer need any photo app to edit your check-in photos because the original natural colors and backgrounds are already amazing. A lot of couples love taking wedding photos here.

Not only a hot tourism spot, Cloud Bridge is a favorite dating location next to Muong Hoa stream. Once coming to Sa Pa, don’t forget to visit Cloud Bridge./.