Best places to admire Sa Pa rice terraces

Sa Pa rice terraced fields are getting into their most charming season. If you are wondering where to admire the beauty of Sa Pa rice terraces, read on this article to know more.

Sa Pa rice terraces in the water pouring season or harvest time of the northwestern mountainous area always impress domestic and foreign tourists. If you have free time, travel to Sa Pa this season to take photos of the yellow terraced fields lushing with ripening rice.

The fields in Muong Ho Commune have turned yellow with ripening rice. Photo Q.Lien

On the way traveling from Lao Cai City to Sa Pa Town, visitors can see the fields on Ba Dinh and Can bridges. Driving through the pass on the way to Sa Pa Town, you will see a number of terraced fields along the mountainside of Den Village, Ban Ho Commune or in Muong Hoa Valley of Ta Van Commune, and a little further in Lien Minh Commune, Muong Ho Commune. There are hundreds of green and yellow terraced fields all around.

Visitors only need to spend one day to fully admire the beauty of the terraced fields. Local people said the rice terraces have different ripening times and the watershed area usually ripen later. If you want to enjoy the ‘golden’ rice fields, you should visit Muong Ho and Lien Minh communes first because farmers are harvesting there. Visitors should spend an entire morning sightseeing or taking pictures. The fields in Muong Ho and Lien Minh have low terraces and are located right on the roadside so visitors can stop by to take photos. The road is easy to access and local people are quite friendly when they see tourists taking photos of their fields.

The fields in Muong Ho Commune with low terraces are located on the roadside. Photo Q.Lien

Phan Phu Seng, Chairman of Lien Minh Commune People’s Committee, said the terraced fields there ripen earlier than the watershed area.

“The harvesting time starts from mid-August so visitors should come this time to grab the chance to take pictures of the golden rice season,” he said.

Realizing that this place has a lot of potential for tourism development with harmonizing nature, peaceful scenery, and cool weather, Topas Travel - a Danish travel agency - has planned to build its second resort in Sa Pa. The company's first resort, Topas Ecologe, is rated as one of the top resorts in Sa Pa Town.

Peace all around in Lien Minh Commune (formerly Nam Cang Commune). Photo Q.Lien

If you want to admire the green mixed with the slightly yellow color of the rice, you should try driving on the mountain pass route leading to the center of Sa Pa town and stop at Ba Dinh or Can bridges. Tourists are advised to travel by motorbikes to capture the best photos. Standing on the pass, you will feel like the fields are at your feet and find it easy to take overview photos with a modern smartphone or digital camera without using drones.

The bountiful golden season of the people of Lien Minh commune. Photo: Q.Lien

Villages where ethnic groups are residing are other feature impressing tourists to Sa Pa. Visitors can not only admire the beautiful natural scenery but also learn about the daily life as well as the unique local cultural features. One of the most popular villages is Den where the green of rice is mixed with the green of the mountains.

A terraced field is located right by the roadside in Den Village. Photo Q.Lien

Den Village is located in Ban Ho Commune, surrounded by two poetic streams, namely Hoa and Lavi streams. Visitors will have opportunities to discover the magnificent natural scenery, learn about the unique cultural and ethnic features, and experience the cozy atmosphere of both nature and people. Locals in Den Village can speak English and French and use advanced electronic devices while still retaining the traditional cultural style, which makes tourists impressed.

Vast rice terraces in Sapa. Photo Q.Lien

This is surely the best time to visit Sa Pa rice terraces. For those who want to enjoy the indescribably beautiful scenery of Sa Pa terraced fields or breath in the fragrance of ripening rice surrounded by northwestern mountains, why not book a tour on the upcoming National Day holiday to experience a surprisingly charming Sa Pa?